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120 years ago, back in 1903, our first plane took to the skies. A feat of engineering, and a triumph for determination. This became a spark of ingenuity and creativity to many other aviators to come. Over the course of history, planes have changed to all different shapes, sizes, heights and speeds to adapt to their current situation, such as the development of military planes and fighter jets for WW1 and WW2 and commercial planes for human curiosity and pleasure, as well as research in some cases. However, much in the the invention and the creation of planes have stayed same throughout the decades. Planes had also become the starting place, or the first step, in many other inventions, such as rockets, which saw us soaring far past the clouds and planes have become our methods of transportation, exploration and relaxation in our current society. In this website, you will see how aeroplanes have developed back from 1903, with inter-twining concepts of change and continuity prominently displayed, from our simple, wooden Wright Flyer, up to our enormous cabins in a jumbo jet, all in 120 years. 

Aeroplanes in 120 Years 

First Flight

The First Flight was the invention of the first, heavier than air aircraft to be flown, which occurred in 1903. 


Shortly after the first flight, WW1 & WW2 brought the need for stronger, more powerful fighters than the simple flyers made previously.

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During and after the wars, many people began to experiment with the idea of passengers onboard aircrafts, what is now known as commercial airlines.

Interactive Timeline

Watch how the planes from 1903 till now have changed and continued their designs in the Interactive Timeline.

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